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Express an Interest in the 2019 Retreat

We're going to do it again. If you're interested in joining the retreat next year
in early 2019, please get in touch and let us know:

  • How many in your party and what are everyone's names, and ages?

  • Are there any specific dates that work best or don't work for you?

  • Are you interested in joining for the first 3 days, the second 3 days or for the entire program?*

  • Where will you be travelling from? (e.g., Germany, USA, Netherlands, Manawatu, Wellington)

*Assuming we do it the same way again, the Kids Programme will run for the first 3 days and the following 3 days will be for adults only. We are considering extending the first part of the programme (adults and children) to 4 days. Let us know if you have any thoughts on this or anything at all. Thank you.

Please expect a confirmation email within a few days after submitting this form.
You will be the first to know once we finalise our dates and will 
have the
first opportunity to reserve your spot with a deposit. Thank you.

Thanks! Message sent. You should get a confirmation email soon.

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