Healing Yoga
& Meditation Retreat

(Monday Feb 1st – Sunday Feb 7th, 2021)

Note: There is no Healing Retreat in 2020 due to growing our family... we look forward to being on retreat with you again in January 2021!

With gentle yet profound meditation and yoga practice as the base of each day, you will also be led into gardening and harvesting projects, giving back to the land that will be supplying most of the food during your stay. Theme discussions, reflection times, sunset walks, and opportunity for saunas are other highlights of this retreat. Theme-based outings allow an opportunity to explore New Zealand's natural beauty with newly made friends and partners in growth.​


The curriculum of themes, practices and outings, build on each other and work together to support a natural growth and healing process.

Daily Routine

Highlighted in red are daily routines that form the structure of our week.

Early  Fruit and tea available. Keep your stomach empty for morning practice

8         Morning Practice - Meditation, Yoga, & Introduction of Day's Theme

10       Breakfast Bar - an abundance of breakfast choices

11       Practical Workshop

1         Lunch

2         Hike, Outing  and/or personal time 

5:30    Afternoon Practice -   Yoga + Pranayama + Theme discussion.         

7         Dinner

8+       Evening -  Open: Games, healing sessions, hot tub, sauna, journal, music...

Day-to-Day Schedule

Below is the schedule from the 2019 retreat, to be updated later

this year to describe the schedule for 2021.


February 01, 2019

Friday. Arrive during the day for our early dinner at 6pm, followed by our opening circle! Today is about making the transition from our day-to-day world, into our new space. Finding your sleeping arrangements, getting to know people, and exploring the lay of the land. Arriving early gives you the chance to settle in and explore.

Find your Motivation!

February 02, 2019

Saturday. What are you ready to change, to heal or grow towards in your life right now?

The desire to develop a deep connection with personal practice is often inspired, at its root, by experiences of pain and desire to transcend areas of challenge and discomfort in our body and our life.

Today we will take time and make space to take stock of our situation, of our body, of our mental and energetic fields, identifying where we are and what we are working towards.

In our yoga practice, this will manifest as practices which encourage you to become familiar with all parts of your body, including those parts which feel most alive and most stuck. In our contemplative practice, we will take time to calm and to reflect on the aspects of our life which have laid the causes and conditions for our present experience and journey.

Special events or outings: Today we stay close to home. Getting to know the garden where all our food is produced. Visiting the Orua river, a 15 minute walk away, that creates the geography of the land.

Pausing to Notice

February 03, 2019

Sunday. How do we slow down enough to listen to the information our body has to share? To listen to the our inner guidance? In order to learn to work consciously in a healing direction, we must develop tools of stopping. Of waiting, of creating space. Then and only then will new ways of being, new ways of moving, new insights, begin to flow for us.

The Asana Yoga of this day will focus on the still points between poses, on finding restrictions in movement, on finding areas of uncomfortability, and stopping just before them, learning to respond before being compelled to react.

A journalling workshop will help connect inner awareness with a means of written expression.

Special outings: A walk to the Orua river (if the weather is nice) or the sunset lookout.

The Sacred Environment

February 04, 2019

Monday. Our practice on this day will bring our awareness outside of ourselves, to connect with the living world around us. The sun, the birds, the smells, tastes.... So often in our practice we close down our senses and shut out the outside world to focus on our inner world.  Our Meditation and Yoga practice today will keep us connected with the stimuli around us, while still maintaining our own inner awareness. 


We will talk about and practice creating sacred environments for ourselves and understanding the impact of different environments on us. Do you have a space to practice in your home? How can you practice with kids, animals, phones etc. around? How can we have the time and space to connect with the deeper aspects of ourselves, while still living in this busy world? 

Special Event: Identifying medicinal weeds! Native and introduced. We'll make a weed smoothie, and forage for edible weeds on the property.


February 05, 2019

Tuesday. Sometime you need to amp up your energy to move through a difficulty. And sometimes you need to tone it down a bit! Most of the time we turn to chemical uppers and downers to help with that, but there are other ways to support the regulating of our own energy. Today we will focus on natural foods, yoga and pranayama (breathing) practices to help balance our energy. 

Special events or outings : Rangatikei River picnic (Cooking freshly pressed corn-torillas on rocks by the riverside... )

Inspiration! Heightened States

February 06, 2019

Wednesday. Have you ever heard of power posing? Do you understand how your posture can affect your mood? So much of a yoga practice is bringing your body into different positions so that you can actually create a new somatic experience, allowing energy to flow through you in new ways.  We will learn to connect with these higher inspirational states, and learn how our bodies can learn from them. 

We will connect with the inspiration around us, with joyful and playful experiences, and anchor those sensations into our body. These special moments become a resource for us to call upon later if and when we encounter challenges in the future.

Special outing - Visiting the glow worms! Weather depending, this is our big day out. We will start with a 2 hour hike, and  have dinner in the Totara reserve, and hunt for flow worms in the hillsides!


February 07, 2019

Thursday. Take a higher somatic experience and learn to integrate it into your life. Help you body and psyche process what you have experienced. Adapt your very structure to support a new you. Often when you go on a workshop, having a powerful healing session or some kind of heightened experience, it feels like you've made it! Life is all great! And then you get home and, crash. Its back to normal. 

Today we work with the practice of integrating our higher somatic experiences into our our body. And into our every movement, every word, and thought, until we create new habits for ourselves. Throughout the day we will stop and check in and notice what our internal state is.

We will close after lunch, integrating the learnings from the throughout the week. 

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