We have a pretty amazing group of people highly trained in their specialties, to ensure that you have a safe, nourishing, and healing time connecting with New Zealand.


This crew will be with you throughout your retreat, guiding your yoga practice, your morning meditation, ensuring that you are fully nourished and all your food needs met, and introducing you to all the intimacies of the land and the garden so that you will feel fully at home here. Additional staff will be supporting - guest teaching, driving to special activities, etc. 

Rebekah - retreat leader, primary yoga instructor

earned a BSc (honors) in Psychology, at Victoria University in Wellington, NZ. She specialized in social-cultural psychology. She attended Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, Southern India to complete her yoga teacher training. The program taught an integral practice including meditation, asana, chanting, service, and healthy diet. She's also studied Thai massage and Thai foot reflexology at TCM, a massage school in Thailand. Moreover, she is also a Zero Balancing practitioner and teacher and incorporates this thorough background into her yoga instruction and personalised guidance.

Gabe - meditation instructor, kids program leader

earned a BA in Psychology at Pomona College, CA. He was raised in the Tibetan-Buddhist tradition and began learning meditation techniques and philosophy by age 10. After experiencing a kundalini emergency in 2004, he gave up all internal practices until he could find a safe system to develop the structure needed to contain that level of energy.  In 2012, he resumed practice in earnest, delving deeply into learning Vipassana meditation, qigong, and touch therapy (Zero Balancing). Trained as a Montessori teacher, He also teaches Jiu-Jitsu to help kids enjoy safe physical play!

Suzy - kitchen mastermind, logistics coordinator

is a woman of many talents. She co-runs Waiata Gardens with her husband Viv. Together, they grow amazing organic food, which Suzy turns into delicious food. When she isn't busy preparing feasts from the land, Suzy is a composer, voice coach, and Zero Balancing therapist.

Jess - kitchen magician & entertainment overseer 

is a chill, cheeky Chiwi (Chinese Kiwi) from Palmerston North. She studies at Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School in Wellington.  She is passionate about eating, sleeping, and meeting new people, bathing in the sun and walks through the bush (forest). Her greatest trial in life right now is learning to be kind to herself. She approaches whatever she's doing - be work, time with friends or performing on a stage - with a sense of openness and empathy. 

Viv - garden wizard

is a master gardener who is dedicated to living in connection with nature. Born and raised on the land where he now lives and loving tends, he knows these hills and rivers inside and out. He can tell you exactly which species of native bird have been sharing the plums with you...

(read an article on Viv and his & Suzy's garden here)

Stay tuned for additional guest teachers and workshop leaders - still being confirmed!

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